I’ll fight it. I’ll fight it for you. Don’t you worry about me, Hazel Grace. I’m okay. I’ll find a way to hang around and annoy you for a long time.

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The Strokes at FYF Fest - LA

ph by Pooneh Ghana

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When someone asks “What is so great about Finn Nelson?”




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An anonymous reader has passed along scans of the Brandon Flowers interview in the 2014 V Fest program.

Regular readers will recall that this is the interview in which Brandon confirmed that he was working with Ariel Rechtshaid and that his second solo album would be released in early 2015.

Many thanks to Anonymous for the scans.

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He’s already hard at work on the follow-up to the drive-time rock of his 2010 solo album ‘Flamingo’, and he tells NME it will be released next year. “The record is not done yet, but i’m excited about it… I’m liking it,” he says. Where ‘Flamingo’ was in all-singing-and-dancing love letter to his native Las Vegas, this time Flowers is ignoring the glitzy draw of his hometown. “I’m trying to sort of stay away from that,” he says. “But I’ve always got one foot planted there, so it’s hard. People are going to interpret it how they will, but there’s only a little bit of Vegas in there.” The search for a new musical edge drove him to hip producer Ariel Rechtshaid, whose recent credits include Haim, Sky Ferreira and Vampire Weekend. “He’s taking me of my confort zone,” he says. “Normally i make demos and they’re pretty similar to how the song ends up. But he’ll take a song and be like, ‘I hear this’. It’s incredible - his palette and his range, what he’s able to say. He’ll try other ways of doing things and that’s something i’ve never really done. At first, we were butting our heads together, but now we’re hitting it off. We’re on a roll now.”
~ Brandon Flowers reveals solo album details (NME - August 26, 2014)
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10 years. Something never change.


10 years. Something never change.

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